About Ava

BMBC is the brainchild of Ava Truckey, mother of two and Denver resident.
Ava’s commitment to her community is producing unique, high quality products – featuring unexpected flavors and local products.

Meaningful collaboration + mutual aid continues to be a priority to Ava and at Butter Moon.

When she is not dreaming up new flavors or tinkering in the kitchen, Ava loves hiking with her kids, strong black coffee, and, of course, feeding people.

Who We Are

Butter Moon Bake Co might be new to the scene, but we aren’t new to certain ideals-
That food is inherently political.
As a business owner, I have an obligation – and more importantly a desire – to serve my community.
If pricing isn’t always accessible to all, we find ways to give back to those. We prioritize uplifting and supporting local makers, especially those that are Black, femme & non-binary.
I will never be interested in being the only person at my table, but rather, inviting those that are just as passionate about community + mutual aid, and serving as I am.
Collaborations, where we source certain ingredients, the ways in which we give back, these are all things that matter. I will never be worried about losing certain clients or collaborations, but instead making sure there is always room for those that matter most.